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Our Story


Welcome to Lomah™ Acres!  We are the Long family living in SE Nebraska on a small acreage we dubbed ‘Lomah Acres.’  ‘Lomah’ stands for ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, where we hoped to raise dairy goats and honey bees.  The goats have been a success, the bees not so much, though we haven’t given up yet.

We (Jim and Kathy Long, along with nine of our ten children) moved here in April of 2004, leaving the big city of St. Louis behind for a job relocation.  Living in the country had often been a dream of ours so we jumped at the opportunity and have never looked back.

Our original intention for raising goats was to provide milk for our own family.  Within six weeks of moving here we had purchased our first goats and the rest, as they say, is history.  What started as two goats quickly grew to a dozen, then twenty, then thirty.  With way more milk than we could drink or sell to local customers we needed to find something to use the milk in that would also help provide for the herd. 

I (Kathy) always had an interest in making as much as possible from scratch…..from food to clothing and everything in between.  Personal care products were no exception.  I already knew how to make soap and had read about the use of milk to make a milder, moisturizing bar so I began researching and developing a formula using our own raw goat milk.  The first thing we noticed after using our handmade soap was that our children no longer got cracked and bleeding hands caused by the dry winter air.  We knew we had a winner and set out to market it. 

I like to think that every bar of soap, and every product has a part of the natural enjoyment we all feel living out where we do. It is hard work at times, but totally worth it. We hope that you enjoy bringing a little part of our life here at Lomah Acres to your home, and life!