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Meet the Herd


We started raising goats in May of 2004 and it's been a delightful journey !


The Nubian breed has always been our main herd focus, falling in love with their delightful temperaments and wonderful tasting milk. For a few years we also raised Kinders and dabbled in Alpines, and now mini dairy as well.  Leaving us with a mixed combination, but all in all fantastic animals.  

Management Practice

We are very picky in our goats health and diet management - we do not feed processed feeds to our milkers. Instead they are kept on a ration of whole oats and black oil sunflower seeds for their grain mix, at a ratio of 4 to 1. Free choice alfalfa hay 24/7/365, and a good loose mineral.   All are feeds are NON-GMO, Corn and soy free.   Although we do not show our goats we raise our herd with show quality in mind. Our first purpose is milk - so that's what we consider first - quantity and udder strengths, with the rest to follow - keeping good temperament in mind as well.

We do not use the typical CD&T vaccines on our girls as we have not found them to be effective, and all too often causing ill side effects.  In 2014 we started to use the Lysign vaccine in our herd on does over 6 months of age as part of our mastitis prevention program.  We are finding this very effective and so far (happily) the only vaccine we use.   In 2016 we have also branched out into more natural wormers (using mainly garlic and oregano), as we find it harder and harder to find a chemical wormer that will continue to work without building resistance.  

Our kids are raised on cocci prevention starting at 3 days of age, given daily in the milk.   In our years of raising kids we find nothing grows them out better then milk itself so we prolong weaning as long as possible - often keeping kids on the lambar until their first winter at which time they are generally 6 to 10 months of age.  Milk is fed free choice meaning the kids will eat as much as they want.  Alfalfa is also a large part of our growing program, supplying much of the needed calcium and protein growing kids need.   Grain is not introduced until the last moth of milk feeding / just before weaning.  This helps fill in some of the wholes in nutrition left once weaned off milk.  Free choice mineral is left out for all stock at all times as well as baking soda.