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Our Does

** We are doing a complete herd dispersal - check out the prices under each doe, or our for sale page for discount packages. **

All of our standard breed registered stock can be looked up on ADGA Pedigree page for more information on their family tree

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Our mini breeds are registered with MDGA.


El Lomah Mally



DOB – March 2013

Breed – Grade Nubian

Dam: Naomi

Sire: Nubilop-Acres Jacob

So much like her dam and full sister Sunshine. Mally will be another one of our 2 year milkers.   She was milked through her first freshening 18 months and still giving 1 quart a day at dry off.

One of our best milkers - peaked at 7.25 lbs her second freshening in 2016 and averages 6.5 lbs a day.

We intended to milk Mally through 2016 - but a buck break it changed our plans.   

Kidded with triplet bucks 2017.

Bred to Oscar, Kidded with buck & doe twins 2019. Doeling retained.

Mally has been sold.



DOB – May 2014

Breed – Alpine

Dam: Soldier-MTN RHRS Malindi

Sire: Soldier-MTN Freelance Assassin

Topeaka has turned out to be an amazing milker - peaking at 10lbs in her first freshening. We have decided to milk Topeaka through 2015-2016 - she will not be bred back this year.

Topeak came back up to a 7lbs peak this summer (2016).  

Kidded June 2017 with Twin doelings.

Milked through 2018, peaked at 8 lbs, with a 6 lbs a day average in her second year.

Kidded June 2019 - 2 bucks and 1 doe kid available. Currently milking at 10+ lbs a day and still increasing.


El Lomah Enolla

Enola 1.jpg

DOB - April 2016

Breed - 1/2 Alpine / Nubian - Experimental Paperwork Pending

Dam: El Lomah Itty Bitty

Sire: El Lomah Goliath 

It's been exciting watching Enola grow this year - This doeling will be bred for her first freshening/kidding 2017, can't wait to see what she does.

Kidded in April 2017 with twin does.

Kidded 2018 with single doeling. Milk production peaked at 9lbs, with a 7.25 lbs a day average milk yield. We are keeping Enola open and milking through 2019.

Enolla has been Sold

Mini Does


DOB: April '09 Breed: Unregistered Nubian/Kinder cross

Dam: El Lomah Sunshine Sire: Tokamok



Katie wowed me with her kinder build yet nubian like milk production. She was milked through 19 months in first lactation, and peaked at over 7lbs. Can't wait to see how she milks next year.

Katie peaked at 7.25 lbs this year with an average of 5 lbs a day in her 3rd freshening - 2016

Kidded August 2017 with twin does.

Milked through 2018 at a steady 3 lbs a day all year long.

Kidded with triplets Feb 2019, 2 does, 1 buck. First doeling retained.

Katie is for sale with Tango - open and in milk - $375 for both.

El Lomah Two-Step Tango

DOB - April 2015

Breed - 1st Gen Mini Nubian 

Dam: Lonesome Doe TX Hop-scotch

Sire: Bell Trails Knuck 

Our very first 1st Gen Mini Nubian.  We gave a nice long time for her to mature out and very happy she is ready for breeding!  

Bred to Foxy for 2017 Kids - kidded March with 1 buck and 2 doe kids. 

Kidded with tripplets 2018, 2 does, 1 buck. Peaked at just over 6 lbs a day milk yield.

Kidded March 2019.

Tango is for sale with Katie, open and in milk - $375 for both.