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Reference Goats

This page shows our 'reference' goats - Goats that we not longer have that were either sold

or are deceased but still have progeny in our herd.

Naomi 2013

NAOMI 2002-2013

We purchased Naomi in the spring of 2005 as a 3 year old.  She did not have any paperwork

on her but we were told she was 50/50 Nubian Saanen cross.   She was one of our sweetest

goats ever - normally producing quads - one of our largest quantity milkers,

our first and a regular 2 year milker.  She would peak between 10-14lbs a day and drop down

to about 4-6 lbs a day toward the end of her lactation.  Normally milked for 18-24 months strait.

Naomi is the dam of Sunshine and Mally, and the grandam of Katie.



The Rawe's Esther

ADGA registered AM Nubian 2005-2014

One of our first goats - Esther put out some nice milking does for sure.  Strong and sturdy build

but a mellow pet as well.  Esther's peak production would average 9-12lbs  -

lovely udder shape - although she did go lopsided due to a case of mastitis in her younger days.

Esther is the dam of Libby and the grandam of Pixie.



Ozark Jewels Jazzmyn 2009-

ADGA Registered PB Nubian

Jazzmyn was purchase as a bottle baby in early 2009, and very laid back doe with lovely dairy shape.

Staying true to the Ozark lines she herself and many of her kids grew out much faster then our current lines,

giving us the hardier taller goats we were looking for.  However her milk production was on the

small side peaking at about 6-8 lbs.

 Jazzmyn was sold in the summer of 2013.  She is the dam of Ezmeralda Jade


StriderADGA registered - SOLDIER-MTN MV Strider’s Legacy

American Alpine - 2013-2015

Dam: Soldier-MTN PVRA Pensive Sire: Soldier-MTN Maximum Velocity

We were very sad to loose this amazing buck in a freak accident during the summer.

Strider’s dam Pensive made it to ADGA top 10 list in 2012, milking in at 4,820 lbs in a 305 day lactation.  

More info on his dam here –

Strider is the sire of Libby


JacobJacob 2

Nubilop-Acres Jacob 

ADGA Registered PB Nubian 2004-2014

Jacob was our very first buck purchased as a bottle baby.  He has probably had more influence

on our herd shape then any other buck.  His daughters most always prove themselves in the

milk pail and come out having wonderfully shaped udders and attachments.  My only complaint

with Jacob's line is that they were a bit slow growing and matured small/short.

 Even so it was sad to loose him after all his faithful years.

Jacob is the sire of Itty-Bitty, Sunshine, Jade, Mally, and Eep, and the grandsire of Pixie and Katie.