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Kidding Schedule

Kidding Schedule for 2020



All our kids are pulled at birth and raised on CAE prevention.    Bottle babies will be ready to go at 1-3 weeks of age, on the bottle, will be disbudded and come with registration application if avaible.  Prices below reflect kids that are sold in this age group and my be subject to change.   We do reserve the right to hold or retain any kid born in our herd.  We do not use any vaccines on our kids - this will be solely up to the new owners if they wish to do so.   Wether kids are available at $75 each - remember - Goats are herd animals and hate to be alone !  We will discount $5-$15 per kid when you purchase 2 or more. 

We do not have a breeding plan yet for Kidding season 2020. We may have to do a complete herd dispersal by the end of 2019. If there is an adult doe or buck you would be interested in purchase please e-mail us and get on our waiting list or find out more details.


kids in a tub

kids in a tub