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Goats for Sale

We are doing a complete herd dispersal. Below are all our kids for sale, you can see adult prices on our bucks & does pages listed with them.

I would love to sell in groups at a discount! Let me know if you are interested in more than one goat.


Group 1

Mini-Nubian Starter herd, includes 4 does and 1 unrelated buck. Goats included are -

Tango & Katie (on our does page), currently in milk.

Claudia & Jane (on our for sale page), this years keeper kids.

An unrelated buck Prince Charming (for sale page). $1000 for all.


Group 2

1 Mini-Nubian doellings - Claudia & Jane (on for sale page) - $400


Group 3

Mini-Nubian starter herd

2 doe kids, 1 buck kid, 1 wether pal - $600

Claudia, Jane, Prince Charming, and wether pal.


Group 4

Tapeaka’s doe & wether pal - $150


Group 5

Prince Roger and wether pal - $200


Group 6

2 buck kids - Prince Charming & Prince Roger - $375


Tapeaka is one of our 2 year milkers, and peaked this year at 13 lbs. Below are 3 of her kids born June 2019. All 3 are still on the bottle, lambar trained. Tapeaka was bred to our Mini-Nubian buck Oscar. No papers, should be large/mini breeds.

Tapeak’s Doe kid - $125

Tapeak’s Doe kid - $125

Tapeaka’s wether #1 - $75

Tapeaka’s wether #1 - $75

Tapeaka’s Wether #2 - $75

Tapeaka’s Wether #2 - $75

Claudia (above) is out of Katie and Oscar, one of this years keeper kids, great potential for a family milk goat. Can be registered with MDGA as Grade 1st Gen Mini-Nubian, born Feb 1st, 2019. Will be big enough for November breeding this year. $225

(The picture of her on the right shows her true coat color better)

Jane (above) is out of Mally and Oscar, one of this years keep kids with great promise in becoming a quality milker. Can be registered with MDGA as 1st Gen Grade Mini-Nubian. Born Jan 28th, 2019. Will be big enough for November breeding this year. $225

“Prince Charming” is a new buck we added to our herd just this spring, he is unrelated to all our goats. Comes with application to be registered with MDGA as 2nd Gen Mini-Nubian, and is a blue eyed buck. Born in April and should be ready for breeding in December this year. Still on the bottle but could be weaned. $200

“Prince Roger”, (photo coming soon), another new blood line buck added to our herd this spring. Can be registered with ADGA as PB Nigerian. Born in May this year, still on the bottle and should be kept on milk for another few months - ‘might’ be big enough for winter breedings. $200